DMMD is Proudly Celebrating 25 Years of Commitment to Creativity and Community.

DMMD Announces Recipients of $25,000 in Non-Profit Marketing Services Grants

DMMD is proud to announce the recipients of $25,000 in pro-bono services, awarded to 2 Houston-area non-profit organizations, as part our 25th anniversary celebration.

In June of this year, DMMD announced that we would open applications for the grant to all Houston-area non-profit organizations that meet certain basic requirements, with additional consideration given to organizations that support youth and those that incorporate creative components such as art and music. All applications were reviewed by a jury, who then made their recommendations to DMMD.

Today we are excited to announce that the award will be split between 2 local non-profit organizations. Based on the jury’s recommendations, two-thirds of the grant ($17,000 in services) will be awarded to Girls Inc. of Greater Houston, and one-third ($8,500 in services) will be awarded to Music Knows No Boundaries. (Yeah, we didn’t  like odd numbers, so we rounded both amounts up, and the total award is now $25,500.)

“We were very pleased to receive applications from so many worthy organizations, doing tremendous work and serving important causes in our community. ” said Moore. “The judges made it clear that the decisions were difficult, but in the end they felt that these two organizations best met our guidelines and could receive the most benefit from our services.”

The Girls Inc. and DMMD teams, and DMMD Principal Dylan Moore with MKNB Founder Liz Selig.

Girls Inc. of Greater Houston has a mission to build safe spaces and foster long-term mentoring relationships to help girls, particularly those in under served communities, develop their strengths, learn lasting skills, and take charge of their futures. Learn more about their mission and services at

Music Knows No Boundaries is an annual live music event which raises funds to benefit Texas families facing the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Learn more about the event and their mission at

“We’ve already had initial introduction and discovery meetings with both organizations, and are working on strategies to employ our services to the greatest benefit of both amazing causes.” Moore stated. “We are excited to get to work!”

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